8-year Program

The eight-year program of clinical medicine major of Zhongshan medical school in Sun Yat-sen University, a successive postgraduate and doctoral program of study, is one of the first established eight-year programs of clinical medicine major. It has been considered to be one of the first choices by the excellent students in college entrance examinations over the years, ever since its first admission in 2004. At the time of graduation, students will be given doctoral degrees of medicine.

The leading teaching characteristic of the eight-year program is that the curriculum is arranged in Southern campus and Northern campus respectively. This major is aimed at cultivating talents in clinical medicine major, with solid professional foundation, high humanistic quality, excellent integrative competence, considerable development potentials and international competitiveness. Eugenic education and full-course instructor system are implemented on the basis of well-qualified instructors and fertile education resources. Besides, all the lectures are given in English to promote international compatibility.

In terms of teaching program, the first 2 years are mainly spent in learning the humanities, natural science and public foundation courses in order to help candidates establish a multiple thinking approach pertaining to science and engineering, to form proper overlaps with medical knowledge, and to enhance a growth in knowledge. Then in the 3rd and 4th years, basic medical courses become focuses so that candidates are armed with basic knowledge for various medical domains in the future. During the 5th and 6th years, emphasis is paid on studying and practicing clinical medicine courses (novitiate and internship) so as to train candidates in clinical practice and analysis. The last two years are the training courses for secondary clinical disciplines (M.D.), which are set for cultivating candidates into qualified clinical medicine-specialized talents of M.D. professional level.

Being a model program, the eight-year program has been concerned and paid much attention by SYSU as well as Zhongshan Medical School. Excellent candidates are selected for exchange learning abroad, such as the internship exchange programs with Indiana University of USA, with Glasgow University of UK, and with Birmingham University of UK and so on.

While at school, candidates of eight-year program organized characteristic events like academic forum of long term program, donation campaign of hemopoietic stem cells etc.

So far, 2 classes of candidates have successfully completed their courses, and they graduated with doctoral degrees of medicine. Class 2004 candidates graduated in July of 2012 as the first class graduates from eight-year program, with 96.6% employment rate, and most of them are working in the affiliated hospitals of SYSU or class A tertiary hospitals of other cities.

8-year Program