Continued Medical Education

Standardized training of resident doctors

The Standardized training of resident doctors is an important and organic part of the after-graduating education, as it serves as a link between the fundamental education in the medical school before and the continuing medical education behind during the whole life-long medical education process.

It is the essential part of the growing path of medical clinical experts.

Training targets: medical undergraduates engaged in clinical work after graduation as resident doctors.

Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education is a kind of life-long education with the aim for the graduates to learn new theories, new knowledge, new technology, and new method after they have the after-graduation medical training.

Training targets: those who have completed the after-graduation medical training, or those who have the mid-level (or above) professional and technical positions in the health technical occupations.

Adult education

The College has run adult education classes in Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Lianzhou, Yangjiang, Heyuan, Zhongshan and the other areas, having the majors including clinical medicine, nursing, medical imaging, medical laboratory, cure treatment, oral medicine and etc.

The School implements the managerial pattern of the credit system each school year.

The student who has fulfilled all the studying duration and meets required standards in all subjects, would be issued for the graduation certificate of undergraduate course or junior college education of the adult education in SYSU, which bears the recognition of the national qualification.

According to the relevant regulations of school and of nation, an undergraduate who is eligible for the degree-granting conditions, can be granted a bachelor's degree.

Postgraduate courses

The College has opened postgraduate courses for advanced studies which have majors in biology, preclinical medicine and clinical medicine in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jiangmen and other regions.

The students who have completed all the courses and meets required standards in all subjects, (which means all the required credits have been fulfilled) would acquire the Certificate of Completion for the graduate courses of further studies.

The undergraduates who have already gained the bachelor’s degrees, after three years of their graduation, and with the condition of having the same educational level as the regular graduate, can apply the master’s degrees for Sun Yat-sen University.

Continued Medical Education