Dean's message


   Zhongshan School of Medicine, which has until now the educational history of more than 140 years, is located in the woody and grassy north campus of Sun Yat-sen University. Open the annals of our school, the hardship of the founders, the trek of the pioneers and the footprint of the strivers, have all been recorded solemnly by the ages. The medical education has gone through several integration and optimization to make it from an independent school to a comprehensive university.

    The medical scientists and educators well-known at home and abroad, such as Ke Lin, Liang Boqiang, Xie Zhiguang, Chen Xintao, Qin Guangyu, Zhong Shifan, Zhou Shoukai, Lin Shumo, Chen Yaozhen, Mao Wenshu, Ye Luming, Xu Tianlu, Luo Qian, Bai Shi’en and etc. have been gathering at the university, they have been nurturing the Xinglin scholars for generations. An excellent academic atmosphere has been formed by them, and many talented graduates have become the elites of all social sectors. This grandiose history of medical development and founding is a priceless treasure that keeps the long-term development of the school, and it is worthwhile for us to cherish, pass on and promote. Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron; with firm strides we are crossing its summit.

    Since the late 1990s, the National Higher Medical Education System has undergone a historic change, and our school follows it into a new phase of medical education which runs by comprehensive university. The combination of preclinical medicine and clinical medicine, medical science and other natural sciences, and also with the humanities and social sciences has been deepening increasingly, which provides good conditions for the school to achieve the leap-forward development.

    Facing the fiercely competitive situation of the higher medical education in our country, the school holds fast the education as a solid ground, insists on the elite education principle, and strives to achieve a breakthrough on the quality of talent training; we insist on rejuvenating the school by scientific research, putting disciplinary development as propeller, so as to become the vanguard of promoting China's advances in medical science; we insist on strengthening the school by talents, continually enhancing the academic team-building and optimizing the structure of academic league; and also insist on prospering by service, and developing through service, and constantly reinforcing macro and micro management of all work.

    As the years fly by and the journey goes on, we look into the future, and holds a hope: To get together with confidence, adhering to the motto "Studying extensively, enquiring accurately, reflecting carefully, discriminating clearly, and practicing earnestly" which was inscribed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, to create a bright future for the development of Zhongshan School of Medicine! And to contribute Sun Yat-sen University into the forefront of the domestic first-class universities, as well as the internationalized world-renowned comprehensive research university!

Dean’s Message