Members 468
Laboratory Staff 107
Teachers 196
Professors/Research Fellows 65
Associate Professors/Associate Research Fellows 90
Outstanding Scholars
Experts with government allowances 13
Ministry of Education Cheung Kong Professor 1
Ministry of Education Cheung Kong Lecturer Professor 1
National "Thousand Youth Talents " 5
Guangdong Pearl River Scholar 4
"Hundred Talents Project" First, two-level talent 2
Ministry of Health young experts with outstanding contributions 4
Ministry of Education, "New Century Excellent Talents Scheme" winner 8
Disciplinary Council Members of State Council Degrees Committee 2
Guangdong "Qianbaishi Project"National Training Targets 2
Guangdong"Qianbaishi project" Provincial training targets 7
"Yixian Scholar"Lecturer Professor 1
SYSU Hundred Talents 32

Current Students

Number of Students in School 8674
Doctoral Graduate Students 180
Master Graduate Student 587
General Undergraduate 3267
Adult Undergraduate 3680
Students for Continuing Education of Graduate Course 780
South Guangdong Outstanding Graduate Student 24

Research Output(2013)

Funds from Government and Foundations(Million) 77.67
Funds from Industries (Million) 3.372
Provincial and Ministry Level Science and Technology Prize 1
SCI Papers Published in 2013 192
Invention Patent 6
Software Copyright 3
Facts & Figures