Zhongshan School of Medicine originated in 1957. It can be dated back to Boji Medical School founded in 1866 -- the oldest school of western medicine established in China. The history of the school can be generally divided into 3 phases.

The first phase: from establishing Boji Medical School to pre- school-department adjustments during the early post-liberation period (1866~1953)

During this period, the medical education had gradually developed from independent education to medical education run by comprehensive university, ---- It began with the Medical School found by Boji Hospital in 1866, then integrated into Lingnan University along with the Hospital and re-established as Lingnan University Medical School. Soon afterwards, private-run Hackett Medical College was merged into it.

Another significant headstream of Zhongshan School of Medicine is Guangdong Public Medical School which was established in 1909. It evolved into Guangdong Public Medical University, which was subsequently incorporated into State-run Guangdong University and developed into Medical College of Guangdong University. Later on, the official name was change into Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University.

The second phase: from school-department adjustments during the early post-liberation period to pre-amalgamation of two colleges. (1953-2001)

Along with the school-department adjustments of the National Higher Education System, the College entered into the phase of independently-run medical education:

In 1953, Lingnan University Medical College and Medical College of Sun Yat-sen University were merged into South China Medical College. Then Guangdong Guanghua Medical School merged into it.

Thereafter, The South China Medical College changed its name consecutively as Guangzhou Medical School (in 1956), Zhongshan Medicine School (in 1957), and Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences (in 1985). Meanwhile, the preclinical medical school was founded.

In this stage, a rather perfect educational system of Western medicine was established, and the school held a good number of the masters and the famous experts who had tremendous influence both at home and abroad. The teaching, scientific research and medical service developed outstandingly.

It became the highest medical institution in Central South China and one of the six key medical colleges and universities in China.

The third phase: from the amalgamation of two colleges until now (2001 ~ )

In pace with the reform of management system of the National Higher Medical Education, the medical education run by comprehensive university was revived.

The former Sun Yat-sen University and the former Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Science were amalgamated to form the new Sun Yat-sen University. And the Zhongshan School of Medicine of SYSU was found.  Since then, our college had entered a brand-new phase of development.

At present, Zhongshan School of Medicine keeps a leading edge in disciplinary development, scientific research, talents cultivating, laboratory scale and apparatus among its counterparts in China.

It has become a renowned academic institute both at home and abroad for basic medical instruction, scientific research and technological development, with diverse branches of learning, superior infrastructure as well as abundant personnel in teaching and research.