Frontiers in Medical Sciences Lecture Series-286-How to edit a good manuscript for publishing in international journal

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Chairs: Heinz Mehlhorn, MD, Ph.D

Time: Mar. 26, 9:30AM

Venue: Rm 639-640, 6th Floor, Medical Research Building


Introduction of the speaker:

Dr. Heinz Mehlhorn, member of the German Academy of Science, Germany.

His scientific work is mainly about parasitology research, including 1) general, biological, medical and veterinary parasitology; 2) protozoology, helminthology, entomology; 3) morphology, biochemistry, physiology; and 4) parasite-host-relationships; 5) life history, ecology, epidemiology; and 6) diagnosis, chemotherapy and control of parasitic diseases parasites.

Dr. Heinz Mehlhorn has 376 publications, in total with 331 peer reviewed papers and 45 books. He became the editor-in-chief of Journal PARASITOLOGY RESEARCH since 1981, and is co-editor of many Journals. He is a member of the German Governmental advisors for the grading of infectious diseases, and a member of the German Academy of Science, as well as the Commission of the German Government to evaluate imported human agents of disease.

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