Frontiers in Medical Sciences Lecture Series-287

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Chairs: Professor Myron Spector

Time: Mar. 28, 9:00AM

Venue: Lectuer Hall, 15th Floor, Medical Research Building,Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University

Introduction of the speaker:

Professor Spector has been engaged in biomaterials research for over 40 years, with over 300 peer-reviewed publications. Most of his efforts directed to the use of natural mineral and biopolymer implants for musculoskeletal and neural tissue engineering/regenerative medicine. His studies initially focused on calcium phosphate scaffolds for bone regeneration and then moved to pre-formed collagen sponge-like matrices for soft tissue applications. Ten years ago his group turned to the use of injectable collagen, gelatin, and hyaluronic acid formulations capable of undergoing covalent cross-linking in vivo. That work has led to current studies employing a gelatin-based matrix for treatment of stroke, spinal cord injury, and retinal disease in rat models.             

  Professor Spector has been a PI on NIH, VA, DOD, select Foundation, and corporate grants dating back 40 years. He developed and teach at MIT (includes Harvard students) 4 subjects related to his research (the longest for over 20 years): Biomaterials-Tissues Interaction; Design of Medical Devices/Implants; Cell-Matrix Mechanics; and Principles and Practice of tissue Engineering.

  Professor Spector served as President of Society for Biomaterials, Chairman of FDA General and Plastic Surgery Advisory Panel, and now serves as Editor-in Chief of Biomedical Materials, amid 9 Editorial Boards of prominent journals. Professor Spector has been the Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering since 2006.

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